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Rando Sketches comprehensive package has been collected by Ghafouri Architecture Studio under the supervision of Engineer Mohammad Reza Ghafouri.

The use of this package is only allowed for first degree relatives.

Making Mehraz training packages available to others is forbidden and is subject to legal prosecution.

Those interested in the field of architecture and freehand design can take an effective step in improving their capabilities in the field of sketching, form design, and interior sketches by using this package, which is a selection of 5 comprehensive sketching and rando training courses at Ghafouri Architecture Studio. and to be familiar with the senior architecture exam.

It is better to do the exercises of each section during the comprehensive course by reviewing each week.

Friends who bought only the package and did not participate in the comprehensive course, consider a specific day for a new lesson every week, do the exercises of that section during the week and the next lesson the following week. This process will help you to do the exercises gradually and during almost 4 months this activity will help you to achieve the best for yourself.

This training course is compiled in 15 sessions. By purchasing this package as a whole, you will get access to the complete content at a more affordable price than buying the chapters separately.

1: How to hold a pen, line practice, texture practice, Chinese knot practice, all kinds of perspective

2: Practicing perspective, isometric, horizon line and internal perspective

3: Internal and external perspective templates, internal formic perspective, furniture perspective, industrial design, isometric design of objects and objects, figure, motor car

4: Internal perspective and motif, concept and volumetric expansion of external perspective, basics of form, how to convert isometric to elementary form, geometric and English letters

5: Converting English letters to form, geometry and sketch language, joining, motif

6: Types of cutting (vertical and horizontal cutting, diagonal cutting, shortening and separation cutting, bending cutting (chamfering or filleting))

7: Cuts to convert volume to plates or convert volume to volume and plate, cut to change circulation axis and motion diagrams.

8: Composition and creation of form, skins, concept

9: Plan and form (different approaches to plan and scale)

10: Section and technical documents (wall section, details, perspective section), schematic view process

11: Rando with markers and colored pencils, sky rando, material and texture rando

12: The principles of drawing Karbandi, Formal Bandi, Yazdi Bandi and all types of Moqrans in architectural sketches

13: Composition and quick methods of forming

14: Advanced Forming Methods and Processes

15: Familiarity with the architectural master's entrance exam, thematic sketches, and case study of the 1993 entrance exam

You can improve your exercises with Professor Ghafouri through WhatsApp number 989389424216 in every virtual session.

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